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18 June 2017

JUST PUBLISHED: Cosmologies in Transition. Science and the Politics of Academia after Yugoslavia. By Dr Andrew Hodges

29 May 2017


Cosmologies in Transition: Science and the Politics of Academia after Yugoslavia
By Dr Andrew Hodges

How did scientists who worked in the former Yugoslavia experience the nineties and their aftermath? How did contexts of war, sanctions and economic isolation impact on their work? What role did they themselves play in the remaking of political and scientific orders, over a period marked by post-socialist transition, nationalist war and the information revolution. Drawing on several years of ethnographic research and engagements, this book follows scientists – mostly astrophysicists from Belgrade (Serbia) and Zagreb (Croatia) - as they simultaneously juggled roles as politicians, scientific researchers, university academics, public intellectuals, and as historians of science. It brings political anthropology into dialogue with science studies, describing how many neoliberalising processes were experienced as a hindrance for many scientists based in the former Yugoslav region, and arguing for a renewed focus on the ‘human’ in anthropological studies of science.

12 September 2015

We have just published our new book Beyond the Border. Five stories. Enjoy!


29 April 2015

We received a grant (1200 EUR) from the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture to translate an edited collection of utopian and SF stories provisionally titled "Beyond the Border".


29 December 2014

The translation of The Universal Library and Other Stories has been published!


19 July 2014

We have started a blog where you can follow our work and read translations of relevant news and short texts about anthropology, ethnography, academic publishing, and speculative and science fiction.


03 February 2014

We received a grant (1355 EUR) from the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture to translate a collection of Kurd Lasswitz's short stories titles Kristali snova (Traumkristalle)!


25 September 2013

We are looking for a German-to-Montenegrin literary translator. Please send your CV, two sample translations, and a list of publications by 10 October 2013 to aquamarine_press [@] yahoo.com

16 September 2013

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01 September 2013

The translation of The Lost Kafoozalum has been published!


29 April 2013

We received a 500 EUR grant from the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture to translate Izgubljeni kafuzalum (The Lost Kafoozalum).


15 April 2013

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